Vision and Mission

The strategic values and objectives

Our Vission

Vision of our educational organization is to promote the Society of Citizens and to be part of the collective effort for formation of a sustainable society that includes all individuality.

In Civil Society there are equal opportunities, selflessness and solidarity. Thus through our actions we seek an ecosystem in which the members they complement each other and cooperate by expanding their impact.

We envision a participatory, peace-loving, sensitized society that emphasizes issues related to the redesign of education (rethinking education), in the environment, in society and culture, and in well-being. A society that supports vulnerable social groups and where human relations will be based on empathy, solidarity, the acceptance and promotion of otherness.

Our Mission

To achieve this vision, the organization Small Educational Paradises strives to create a culture of self-improvement in both its members and society as a whole. We recognize the new demands and the increasingly important role that civil society is called to play in matters of self-education and the creation of learning communities in the coming years. We therefore seek, through the educational organization Small Educational Paradises, to design and create innovative educational programs and provide services that will be addressed to all age groups of formal and non-formal education.

Our Goals


To provide quality education services to people from all over the world


To support social and emotional learning,


To encourage cultural diversity and dialogue


To cultivate the concept of empathy, which is necessary in society


Let's create a community of people from all walks of life who want to rethink the issue of education. We wish to enhance the ability of teachers to serve all learners fairly.

Our Values

Integrity: We are committed to making an impact in it concerns our values in education and society.

Inclusion: We embrace equality and diversity. We encourage cultural diversity and dialogue between all people. Our aim is to provide equal opportunities for access to education and information, removing the obstacles they create discrimination and lack of acceptance.

Openness: we are an educational organization in constant dialogue with society. We monitor the needs and demands of society and we produce educational materials and programs to meet they. Our pursuit and investment is the creation of a network in its context of cooperation that will advance the organization's vision. We believe that the education not only improves the lives of all of us, but is vital for the preservation of our democracy.

Respect/Responsibility: our organization is committed to gives value to the particular needs, values and abilities of the individual, with respect for the rights of the individual (OHE) as a member of society but also to meets the goals set with an awareness of the responsibilities that derive from them. We work together for continuous improvement.

: development of innovative teaching methods and scenarios, continuous development and training of the organization's human resources following the developments in education and society.

Environmental Awareness: for a sustainable society a key factor is the environmental awareness of citizens. We are committed to developing awareness, responsibility and the love for the environment in which we live.

Love for Learning: we value the love of learning, because education can bring joy, connection, fulfillment, fun, satisfaction and the WOW factor! Love for education is a driver power for lifelong learning! We value learning that has an impact on real world because education must be authentic and embracing every opportunity. It is learning that helps people connect and contribute to an ever-changing world.

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