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"Small Educational Paradises" was founded in 2022 when the general manager of the organization, Georgia Fountoulakis, met for an interview on the "Glossoudes" podcast, based on women's stories of empowerment and patriarchal behavior models, with Ioanna Dinou.

From the discussion emerged the common interest in educational matters involving 4 important pillars of society and awareness that the digital transformation of society gives ample room for new ones forms of educational programs both in the formal, but very more in non-formal education.

This discussion was the reason for the creation of a community volunteers with the initial goal of establishing our organization as an organization creative interventions offering work in areas of high priority, such as Re-Thinking Education/Self-learning, the Environment, Society and Culture, New Skills and Well-being.

Pursuing the non-profit organization Small Educational Paradises is to innovate within and beyond the national level, factor educational and cultural material, educating adults / teachers / children, creating educational and research networks, developing digital applications. And all this while always implementing "strength in union" which is an important part of our organization's identity.

Partnerships are of major importance to us, as on the one hand they create multiplicative benefits in society, and on the other hand, the message of cooperation is passed on to Civil Society

Meet the team

Georgia Fountoulaki


Georgia has international experience, having lived and worked in Australia for 5 years, a strong academic background and a genuine interest in intercultural education.
She is specialized in European Culture, History of Migration and Language Education for Refugees and Immigrants. After returning to Greece, she worked as a CW supervisor in a refugee camp in Athens, as a Greek language teacher and education manager at a non-profit organization, and as a radio producer/podcaster. She researches issues related to intercultural education, curriculum design, identity, culture and immigration. He believes in the power of knowledge and education to transform the lives of people around the world. She is passionate about helping people develop personal and social skills and abilities.
Small Educational Paradises is an initiative that represents all of the above and an opportunity to apply her experience and skills.

Συνεργάζεται εθελοντικά με τον οργανισμό Women on Top ως μέντορας για άτομα που αναζητούν τον καλύτερο τρόπο να χειριστούν κάποιον προβληματισμό τους ή να ξεκαθαρίσουν στόχους που σχετίζονται με τα ακόλουθα πεδία υποστήριξης: Κλάδο σπουδών και Είσοδο στην εργασία, Αλλαγή τμήματος, Ανάληψη νέων καθηκόντων, Ανεργία, Επαγγελματική ανάπτυξη, Εργασία στο εξωτερικό (GWW – Greek Women of the World)

Ντίνου Ιωάννα

Responsible for Environmental Education

Ioanna studied at the Faculty of Philosophy - department of French Studies - of the EKPA and received a Master2 qualification in the teaching of French as a second foreign language in the school and business environment from the University of Artois Arras. He specialized in the Organization and Administration of Education (Harokopion University), Counseling Psychology and Sociology for all (Aegean University), "Theatre in Education" from the Theatrical Workshop of the Pausis Theater. He taught until 2010. From 2010 to 2022 he was the Environmental Education Officer. In August 2022 he retired, to deal with the Civil Society. As a member of civil society, he has volunteered as Project Manager of Informal Groups of Young Active Eurocitizens and Initiatives for changes. He has twenty years of experience in the writing and management of European programs such as COMENIUS and YOUTH IN ACTION now ERASMUS+ YOUTH. She is a scientific associate of the Athanasiou K. Laskaridis Public Benefit Foundation, an ambassador of the Panhellenic Action Greece without single-use plastics, a scientific partner of the Lambrakis Public Benefit Foundation - for a number of years with the roles of Coordinator, Educator and Writer of educational programs such as the programs NOIAZOMAI & DRO, WOMENTORS, Epidemics: A timeless threat, a challenge for the future, and I act as a citizen. Professional Orientation REAL SCIENCE

Skourmala Argyro Maria

Argyro has graduated from the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education of the University of Thessaly.
For the last two years he has been living in Luxembourg, where he works as a teacher at the 2th European School. At the same time, she is doing her PhD at the University of Luxembourg on issues related to multilingualism and identities.
In the past, he has worked as a special educator in public elementary schools and has participated in research projects concerning the teaching of the Greek language as a second/foreign language to refugees and immigrants.

Kolosionis Aggelos

Angelos studied Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Crete, with a thesis on "Conversion of Sewage Sludge to Clean Solid Fuel Using Pyrolysis and Washing". A research article from his thesis has been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research. He worked as a lab assistant in the Waste, Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management lab during his diploma.
He likes research, searching for answers and increasing his understanding and contact with the environment. For this reason, he continued his research practice at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) in Barcelona. He was responsible for the human resources department of the pan-European engineering organization B.E.S.T. Technical University of Crete, as well as coordinator of participation in the academic seminars of the program. He has been an active volunteer in the same organization in terms of organizing events, promotion and finding financial resources. He has worked for the Greek Statistical Service ELSTAT and as an Environmental Consultant.

Chatira Elpida Irene

Elpida-Irini Hatira holds a Diploma (equivalent MSc) in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Crete. She has a great interest as an engineer for green development and for innovative sustainable solutions.
She is a certified Passive House Consultant/Designer and has completed her internship at the Hellenic Passive Building Institute (EIPAK). It is active in the management of many projects funded by the European Union in the field of Energy. As a student, she has assumed the position of public relations manager at the voluntary organization BEST Polytechnic of Crete, while at the same time she volunteered in numerous activities of the same organization.

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